About the photographer, me! - Howard Ryder

About the photographer, me!


Hi! I'm Howard, and photography is the one thing that makes me feel totally at ease, totally relaxed, and content. Landscape photography is my favorite subject but I'm always fiddling with different kinds of subject matter. From capturing aircraft at the airport and airshows, sports to railfanning to...?  As I grow, evolve, and become better at the craft I'll share those here.

In the late 70's growing up I took a few rather well composed artsy shots with a Kodak Instamatic out in the San Juan Islands over the weekend on Sucia Island with the family. That led to a couple of Pentax 35mm cameras and lenses, but soon after I found other "hobbies" that would snag my attention. After purchasing a dirt bike I wanted to race motocross! Well, that was short lived but other passions garnered my attention and finally fishing would take over all of my spare time. After the kids grew up and became bored with fishing instead of catching, the boat and the fishing gear sat more and more so it was time to take up a new craft. So, here I am back to a passion that held my attention as a younger man. 

I venture out from my home in Lake Stevens WA with a Nikon D810 and a mix of Nikkor and Tamron lenses. I keep a D500 loaded with Eye-fi card just to be  "social" when I have cell signal.

I'm hoping you like what you see here on my site! It's still a learning experience for me on both the capturing of the moment and the processing of the RAW image....I hope you'll check back in as I evolve and add to my portfolio over time.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to email me at Howard@ryderphotographic.com

Thank you for stopping by!



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